Vysočina Museum Třebíč

The history of Vysočina Museum Třebíč dates back to the year 1898 when the Museum Association in Třebíč was founded. It administers important collections of archaeology, history and art, ethnography, crafts, militaria, mineralogy and natural sciences as well as a small collection of oriental artefacts. Its collections of the Nativity scenes, pipes and Moravian moldavites are of particular significance. Since 1945 the museum has been housed at the castle in Třebíč.

Following an overall renovation of the castle four permanent exhibitions were opened here in the year 2013: a mineralogical exhibition entitled The World of Inanimate Nature, a monastery exhibition The World of Portals and Gates, a castle exhibition The Waldstein Family at Třebíč and a museum exhibition People. Places. Destinies. Together with these long-term exhibitions visitors can also see short-term exhibitions prepared on a regular basis.